Corporate Investigation

Our corporate investigation services are inclined towards bringing down the risks and frauds in your business so that you can focus on growth. With a team of seasoned corporate investigators, we will help you get hold of the information that would play a vital role in the decision taking process.


Corporate Investigation Services

JSP India is a name that has been making business easy, hiring a breeze and frauds come down drastically by bringing fraudulent parties and agencies at the place they deserve to be!... We are providing Corporate Investigation services like:- Employee Background Check, Skip Tracing, Due Diligence, Employee Surveillance, labour Court Case, Insurance Claims & Loan verification and More.


Pre / Post Employment Verification

Whether hiring or have already hired, our pre/post employment verification services promise to help. We would check in for complete details of the employee covering credentials, last job, references and entire character evaluation. We will try and gather as much information as we can so that you can find whether this candidate is right for the job and job position or not.

IPR Investigation / Raids on Duplicate Products :-

If you feel that your rights as a brand owner are being compromised or fear that there are duplicate products being sold in the market, it is high time you opt in for our IPR Investigation / Raids on Duplicate Products investigation services. We make sure that the people indulging in the illegal activities are grabbed at right time so that you can curb losses in revenue at the right time.

Employee Dishonesty / Labour Court Case :-

When claims of an employee being dishonest or doing frauds come out, one needs to go in for a capable investigation service who could bring out facts making it possible to get to the authenticity of claims. We are going to gather proofs and then submit a report so that you can easily go out with the termination of the employee.

Skip Tracing Services / Tracing of Missing Debtors :-

Tracing of missing debtors is a process that is carried out at JSP India with complete confidentiality. With an approach that is focused towards gaining information about all those absconding debtors we will help you get your debts. We are going to provide you with more than enough evidences so that you can be there at the spot bang on.

Due Diligence / Partner Background Check

The partner background report submitted by us will help you get into a safe and fruitful alliance. We are going to carry out complete background check of your partner and provide you with the details so that you can make out whether you want to go in for this partnership or not. We will help you in and out of your partner and this is why we are considered to be the best in niche.

Business / Market Surveys

When it comes to business/market surveys there is no one out there to beat us. With a process that is quite different and fact driven we are going to carry out the surveys about a product or brand in the most comprehensive way so that it gets easy for you to plan the course of action. Our surveys cover even the smallest possible detail and this is why they help.
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